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Judith Leiber minaudières and evening bags

Fluted by Judith Leiber. This gold minaudiere or evening bag is decorated with Austrian crystals. It has a detachable chain strap and push down snap closure.

What inspires me are people who believe in themselves and who work in unending devotion to build and live their dream. Such ambitions as seen in Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton and modern inspirations such as Tyra Banks and Donald Trump, often also produce unrivaled distinction in their work.

Judith Leiber and her work is one such inspiration of mine. Born in 1921, she began her own business and line of handbags in 1963 (retired in 1998). It isn’t only her exotic designs that are eye-catching as works of art (now found in renowned museums such as the Smithsonian in Washington, the V&A in London and the Met Museum in New York City), but her acute detail to attention and quality.

Evenings bags by Judith Leiber, made in exotic skins in basic wardrobe colours. Mini Twilight, a soft frosted python bag that is both a clutch and a shoulder bag. Red Shimmer, made of crocodile with magnetic flap closure and Austrian crystal trim. Grace, a black coloured bag in crocodile.

These days, Judith Leiber the label, carries more than bags, with eyewear, fine jewellery and crystal miniatures such as pill boxes. The items are sold in exclusive boutiques around the world and in the USA, there are just about five outlets in total, in Atlanta, Las Vegas (2 locations), Orange County, and New York City.

The current exclusive stunner from Leiber is this Precious Rose, handcrafted in the USA:

This minaudiére is crafted in 18k white gold with 42.56 carats of diamonds and approximately the same amount of pink sapphires.

Judith’s husband, Gerson Leiber is also an accomplished artist and a selection of both their works can be found at The Leiber Collection, at the Leiber Museum.

The wooden heel: a summer staple

Fall in love this summer with a pair of green tooled leather clogs
with a hidden platform, by Gianmarco Lorenzi.

The high heel that helps elongate the female silhouette is not without its price, as ABC News reported in 2006. And while we may know this to be true with some experiencing knee and ankle injuries, the high heel as a fashion accessory is still loved by many, helping bring out the femme fatale in us.

The heel however, wasn’t all too sexy or “femme fatale” in its beginnings as demonstrated by this pair of 17th century Venetian Chopines by the Met Museum. Continue reading “The wooden heel: a summer staple”

A little bit of Southeast-Asia in Scandinavia

Having a morning cuppa in a light blue Terengganu, Malaysian made sarong.

The sarong as a garment is part of Singapore’s fashion heritage, where most ethnic groups in Singapore (the Malays, the Peranakans and the Indians) have in their basic wardrobe, a form of the sarong. Although sarongs are made in China, Japan and in Africa, the batik sarong in particular is intricately linked to Southeast-Asia and it has been a part of my wardrobe since I was a little girl.

Sarongs can be worn in a variety of ways, the most common would be to wear it tied around under the arms, as I have done in the picture above, or tied around the waist. The batik sarong is opaque in material, usually cotton but sometimes silk or linen and when tied around the waist, it can be coupled with a regular t-shirt (for home wear purposes) or with a hand-embroidered Nonya kebaya (for festive occasions).
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Revisiting the one piece swimsuit

The Agua Preciosa, a young, fun, one piece cut out crochet top and multi-coloured bottom by Agua Bendita.

It seems that 1951 thereabouts was the last years in which the one piece swimsuit was seen as ‘tasteful’ for young women to don, after which a bikini clad Brigitte Bardot in Et Dieu… créa la femme (1956) and Brian Hyland’s song, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yello Polka Dot Bikini (1960) created a locomotion for the two piece so strong that even the Vatican’s denouncement of the garment in 1964 did nothing much to slow down its popularity. Today, a search for “one piece swim suit” will currently render 1,472 hits on the US ebay site alone in the women’s swimwear section, whilst that of “bikini” renders 17,320 hits on the same site. From the two piece’s popularity, it seems the two piece (and its micro version) are most vogue these days on beaches around the world.
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Florals on black and the 2.55

Floral dress, Cubus. Black weave belt, Cubus. Sunglasses, Christian Dior. Chanel 2.55 bag in straw. Seashell ear hoops.

It isn’t always that one gets a chance to don chiffon dresses in Sweden, even in summer. But this year’s warm summer allows for some light, romantic dresses in sheer fabrics. The florals on black dress on is from Cubus and is possibly inspired by the florals of Dolce & Gabbana s/s 2008. H&M also carries some D&G inspired mini ruffled, tiered skirts with florals on black (or cream) this spring / summer season in light chiffon material. The black weave belt is also from Cubus. Continue reading “Florals on black and the 2.55”

All things Pucci in summer

Emilio Pucci ad campaign s/s 2008. Malgosia Bela by Juergen Teller.

A pick-me-up designer label for me is Emilio Pucci. The ad campaign above is what closest describes my view of all things Pucci and that is, a burst of colours when all things are bland, a burst of energy when you need it most. A nobleman by birth with a fascinating biography, Emilio Pucci (1914-1992) would spend most of his life at the Pucci Palace in Florence, Italy. Most of us would recognize his signature geometric prints in a kaleidoscope of colours.

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Galliano for Dior, Fall couture 2008

John Galliano for Christian Dior, Fall Couture 2008. Photo by Alessandro Lucione

Collections for Fall Couture 2008 are already out on the runways in Paris and my favourite thus far is John Galliano for Christian Dior. An artist who uses the human form in expressing himself, I have thus far, never tired of Galliano’s creations. Even after the season has come and gone, I find myself constantly drawn back to his creations, to peer over them, to study their expressions and sometimes, wonder if they were user-friendly.

Fifties silhouette with wasp waists, full skirt and lace details. Photo by Antonello Trio.

The soft female form seems to be Galliano’s focus this Fall for couture, drawing inspiration from the fifties with nipped waists, full peplum skirts, and sheer organzas that accentuate the luscious curves of shoulders, thighs and thin ankles. But even with an accent on curves and the use of sheer materials, the overall impression is one that is still proper and demure with knee-length or t-length skirts. Continue reading “Galliano for Dior, Fall couture 2008”

The Chanel 2.55 Classic

The Chanel 2.55 Classics and Reissues, my favourite colour being the one in ivory with gold chains.

What you put in your bag is very important to you…Traditionally, for a woman, a bag holds the things you need for the day, but it’s also your little beauty factory, which is very important to the identity of the woman. …the modern bag …by 1920, …became a symbol of women’s independence. It said she could go where she wanted to go, and didn’t need a man because he held all the possessions.

~ Farid Chenoune, author of Carried Away: All About Bags (2005)

Chanel bags have previously not appealed to me because I found the quilting too much mademoiselle. But I love bags with a story to tell and the Chanel 2.55 Classic quilted flap is one such bag. Launched in February 1955, hence its name 2.55, the quilted flap bag draws its inspiration into being, from many threads of Coco Chanel’s life, most of which came from the orphanage and convent, Aubazine in the south of France.

Coco Chanel wanted a bag that was hands-free, thus the double function of the chained handles to the bag, where one could wear the bag across the body or on the shoulder. The burgundy coloured lining in the original design for the black quilt flap 2.55s, came from the colour of Chanel’s school uniform at the Aubazine convent and the inspiration for the quilting came from several sources, including the stained-glass windows of the abbey at Aubazine, jockeys’ riding coats as well as her own light-brown suede cushions in her rue Cambon apartment in Paris. The open back pocket of the bag was where she stashed extra money and the zippered pocket was where she had her love letters. The original bags came with a Mademoiselle Lock because Chanel never married and the honorific mademoiselle was the custom. The bags with the interlocking Cs are today known as The Classic Flaps, whilst versions of the bag relaunched by Karl Lagerfeld in 2005/6 are known as Reissues. The Reissues have a twist lock without the Chanel logo on the outside. Continue reading “The Chanel 2.55 Classic”

Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum

Nibbling the Big Apple X

Outside the Metropolitan Museum, New York.
Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro-Nilsson 2008

Since its opening in early May, the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum has drawn quite some media attention with numerous write-ups, press conferences and an opening night gala dinner, where all invited were supposed to dress to the superheroes and fantasy theme. My favourite evening wear for the night was an elaborately padded silver gown by Chanel, donned by Anna Wintour.

I couldn’t well pass up on the chance to view this exhibition at the Met, when in New York. Continue reading “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum”

Agent Provocateur: Heating It Up

Putting a whole new meaning to micro-mini and the ‘naked dress’.

Where I am, it’s almost as if we’re experiencing a heat wave of sorts. And Agent Provocateur, maker of exotic lingerie is heating up this summer in their own way, with their 2008 bikini collection.

I thought this frilled cerise Arianna bikini set with detached puff sleeves was most intriguing of their 2008 collection. I’ve only ever noticed frilled skirts on either little girls’ swimwear or swimwear for the more mature figure, the frills being more of a skirt that falls over the bottom, as a cover-up.

In the above bikini, the puff sleeves and frilled skirt throws the bikini into the genre of barely-there dresses, with most everything of the dress removed, save sleeves and mini-skirt. What they’ve produced, is a celebration of sorts, it’s beyond micro-mini.

The cutting looks super and the cups are padded for that extra lift – important details for the day out in the sun!

Très sexy!

Prada along 5th Ave, New York

Nibbling the Big Apple V

A pair of Prada boots from their Runway, RTW S/S 2008 collection.

I couldn’t help but bound into Prada along 5th Ave after spotting it from across the street. Their Spring 2008 collection on the Runway seemed interestingly creative this time around, with inspirations from the 60s and 70s, woven into swirls of fairy mystic. The cut out boots I was trying on in the picture above, are quintessential in exhibiting the spirit Prada in Spring 2008. It’s also one of the more wearable of shoes and boots this season from Prada, without looking too much of a fruit cake. Continue reading “Prada along 5th Ave, New York”

Louis Vuitton Monogram Glacé porte-billets monnaie zippé, Grizzly

Louis Vuitton monogram glacé

Louis Vuitton Monogram Glacé porte-billets monnaie zippé in Grizzly.
Text & Photo © CM Cordeiro-Nilsson 2008

Depending on what you’re looking for in design, this porte-billets monnaie zippé / wallet in collectible Glacé monogram holds bills, change and credit cards – zipped in. So why not that lipstick too between its covers if it fits?

Louis Vuitton monogram glacé
Louis Vuitton Monogram Glacé Grizzly

The colour is Grizzly or a rich dark chocolate brown that under certain light would look a sophisticated matte black. Embossed and soft to the touch, the glacé leather oozes understated luxe.

Measuring a 11×11 cm, it might not sit well in the back pocket of any pair of cigarette jeans but personally, I’m loving the feel of this wallet in the hand and in the bag. It comes from Vuitton’s men’s line for small leather goods, now no longer in production.

This Grizzly is for keeps, as far as androgynous goes.

The Porte-billets monnaie zippé wallet in Glacé monogram features:

  • Monogram Glacé embossed leather
  • Zipper closure
  • Silver grommet pieces, stamped with Louis Vuitton
  • A snap closure inside coin pocket
  • 3 credit card slots
  • Measures 4.5″ x 4.5″ or 11 cm x 11 cm
  • Datecode: CA1014
  • Product code: M66510

Spring sunning in Karen Millen and Brazilian beachwear

2008aprilIEOS 207a

Warm cat in a green and teal sequined tunic from Karen Millen and under the tunic, a beaded orange bikini from OK Brazil.

The days are getting longer in the nordic region and at 10 deg C outdoors in the shade and slightly warmer under the sun, the season seems to promise some very good bikini and beach days up ahead. I got a ‘preview’ of the summer ahead today, the sun on my nose made me feel like a cat, warming and basking.
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Cufflinks – a perfectly smart finish

Cufflinks in gold and white gold, set with mother of pearl and 2 brilliant cut diamonds, c. 0.10 cts. Stamped GD & Co (G Dahlgren & Co.), Malmö 1940, Sweden. These are to be auctioned this coming weekend, at W.A. Bolin.

In a crowded room to any formal event, one could well sweep over the hall and indulge in the general sight of people well dressed. But as the evening draws on and conversations are engaged, it is most often that one cannot help but notice details in a person’s dress. Women for example, might notice details in men’s dressing such as the colour of his tie as in contrast to his shirt, the cut of his jacket or the pockets on his coat, his tie pin if he’s wearing one and then most interestingly, his cufflinks. Every bit of clothing on a person contains information about personality, and a pair of cufflinks might just well tell if he has a sense of humour. Continue reading “Cufflinks – a perfectly smart finish”

W.A. Bolin international spring auction 2008

A diamond and pearl brooch in the form of a peacock, late 1800s. Picture: W.A. Bolin

Love jewellery? W.A. Bolin, Stockholm, Sweden, is having their international Spring auction on 20 April 2008. Established in 1791 in St Petersburg, W. A. Bolin has its history in Russia, where Bolin was then appointed jeweller to four Russian tsars and three Swedish kings, situated at Sturegatan in central Stockholm.

In the picture above, a 14 ct gold and silver peacock brooch, set with pearls, rubies, emeralds and old cut diamonds. It measures 4 x 6 cm and is from the late 1800s.

The Bolin auction catalogue is online and can be subscribed to via standard mail. Viewing in Stockholm begins today.

A cheese and wine dining

Cheese and wine brunch setting

A selection of wine and cheese with bread

I think Asians generally have a different socialization towards diary products than Europeans – we just don’t consume diary products all that much. My idea of cheese when growing up in Singapore was hard Cheddar or pre-packed sliced cheese, the kind you toast on bread and little cubed cheese in various flavours, which I liked very much.

I also think my encounters with milk and cheese would be more numerous than my classmates’ experiences since most of their lunches as I recall consisted of spam and bread, hard boiled eggs and baked beans and Bovril sandwiches as the most mainstream. Continue reading “A cheese and wine dining”

Singapore Fashion Festival: TANGS wardrobe be women – colour my mode 2008

Some pictures by Kevin D. Cordeiro, at the Singapore Fashion Festival (SFF) 2008. This particular runway show was held by TANGS, a major departmental chain store in Singapore today, with humble beginnings in Singapore from the 1950s. Continue reading “Singapore Fashion Festival: TANGS wardrobe be women – colour my mode 2008”

Laptop bags with feminine chic or a whole new laptop?

The J’tote Afric laptop bag. Fits most 14″ Laptops. Weighs 2 lbs 15 oz and measures 10″H x 14.5″L x 5″W.

I’ve been in search for a laptop bag for about two years now, to not much avail. Admittedly, I shy away from the average laptop bag designs, which feels more catered to the urban warrior than runway chic (see Productdose below for a good review of urban warrior type laptop bags). There were none too many feminine versions of laptop bags to be found, but the ones found were quite luxe pretty. An alternative approach would be to go for an entirely new laptop, one of those I call latté tops, since they fit so nicely on the café table.

Avoiding the square shouldered and adrenaline pumped look of most laptop bags on the market, J’tote offers what I think are some very feminine and chic looking laptop bags for standard sized laptops. In sumptuous purple suede and bold floral print, their Afric laptop bag for example combines good design, function and style with multiple compartments for your laptop, laptop accessories, A4 sized documents, cell phone and D-rings for keys and wallets. Even the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet have noticed the problem and in their March 29 issue come up with a number of suggestions. Continue reading “Laptop bags with feminine chic or a whole new laptop?”

Clean lines that seduce, with Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller wedding dress in Princess silhouette

Nicole Miller wedding dress in Princess silhouette from her Bridal Collection

Time must be passing fast for all summer brides-to-be with the onset of spring. One of my American favourite designers for dresses in general is Nicole Miller, who has a fairly comprehensive collection that encompasses a gamut of occasions, including Nicole Miller Signature (red carpet looks), Nicole Miller Collection RTW, Nicole Miller Studio (everyday sportswear), a Bridal Collection and popular bridesmaids line. Nicole Miller also does bags, shoes and accessories to match that perfect dress. Continue reading “Clean lines that seduce, with Nicole Miller”

Gianmarco Lorenzi – Wicked!


Satin embroidered heels by Gianmarco Lorenzi

In line with the drive for RED this spring, I couldn’t help but notice these wicked Italian made, 11 cm stilettos by Gianmarco Lorenzi. One of my favourites for shoes, Gianmarco Lorenzi whose philosophy is always sexy, feminine and border pushing on fetish, is infamous for 12 – 14 cm heels even in their autumn / winter collections. Continue reading “Gianmarco Lorenzi – Wicked!”

The Fabergé Coronation Egg, 1897


The Coronation Egg, by Karl Fabergé, 1897

As a child, I remember having loads of fun painting Easter eggs. This activity was often followed by Easter egg hunts in the school gardens.

This Easter, I have on my mind a different kind of egg, one that is a little more luxurious and most impossible to find at an Easter egg hunt – the Fabergé Coronation Egg from 1897, which is one of my favourites of the 56 produced by Fabergé from 1885 to 1917.
Continue reading “The Fabergé Coronation Egg, 1897”

Geisha and Japanese architecture on the runways


Louis Vuitton skyscraper structural shoes, Fall 2008, RTW. Photo: Matteo Volta.

Sarah Mower’s words, “…otherwise it’s lumpy going” about Louis Vuitton’s Fall RTW 2008 collection, echoed in my head when I perused the shoes that Marc Jacobs had come up with for the runway show. One can always trust Marc Jacobs to be on the innovative front and I mostly celebrate crazy innovative, but here I could mostly only gawk in flabbergast at this runway collection of shoes.

For one thing, I thought lower heeled shoes were the way to go, after previous seasons of skyscraper platforms such as YSL’s Tribute, Louboutin’s Declic and most of Gianmarco Lorenzi’s super platform boots / shoes with 14 cm heels. I was wrong. Continue reading “Geisha and Japanese architecture on the runways”

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Porte-Trésor International wallet





The Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis line, developed in 1998 by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton began with several baby soft colours, one of which was the coveted Marshmallow Pink as you see in the above pictures of the Porte-Trésor International wallet. Other soft pastels included a lavender, a light yellow and a neutral pearly beige, which is just a tad lighter in shade than the noisette (a sort of latte) colour launched in just about 2006/7. Continue reading “Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Porte-Trésor International wallet”

Last days of Winter Warrior


Although spring temperatures are beginning to set in at a constant 5 deg C, the sun outside during this time of year can be deceptively warm. Still, it’s about time to don spring outfits and coats, so it’s one of the last few days for wearing true winter wear and the last few days of being able to wear shearling boots in the northern hemisphere. Continue reading “Last days of Winter Warrior”

Spring themes in Sweden 08


Photo: Daniel Grizelj, from två dagar, 1 March 2008.
Left ensemble: Red swimwear from H&M, apricot coloured camisole from American Vintage, pink blouse with puff sleeves from DSquared, a red tube used as a skirt, from Wolford, pink pumps from Bianco.
Right ensemble: Green cocktail dress from Coast, cobalt blue trench from Chloé with a vintage blue belt, green leopard print ballerinas from Effe.

Every weekend, Göteborgs Posten or GP issues a supplement called två dagar meaning ‘two days’ that covers plenty of interesting topics, one of its staple category being ‘fashion’.

Last weekend, the styling team from Muse Style Agency, set out some trends for Swedes this coming Spring and Summer and I thought the styling so attractive, I’d like to share it with a wider than Sweden audience. Part of this styling team are Daniel Grizelj, photographer, Jennie Bramer, stylist and Emma Nilsson, who does hair and make-up. The models were asked to pose like mannequins and that’s just about the effect that you see in the pictures. Continue reading “Spring themes in Sweden 08”

Zac Posen, Fall 2008 RTW


Zac Posen, Runway, Fall RTW 2008. Photo: Marcio Madeira

I’m constantly amazed at the speed of which the fashion world moves. Look away for just about a month and it seems like I’ve skipped two seasons in fashion.

Zac Posen might not have received too positive a review from Nicole Phelps for his Fall RTW 2008 collection but his lolitaesque collection arrowed my heart in an instant!
Continue reading “Zac Posen, Fall 2008 RTW”

Common footwear in Singapore


The flat sandal

Even before I landed in Singapore this time around, most girlfriends of mine who were in Singapore often spoke about getting their manicures and pedicures done. Pedicures these days are considered almost a must for the well groomed woman in Singapore and you need not be a tai tai (a Chinese term for women who married well and need not work) these days to have your toes done. At SGD$12 – $17 (ca. 77 SEK) per pedicure session, it isn’t considered by many women to be all that a pocket blowing hobby to indulge in or make oneself happy. Continue reading “Common footwear in Singapore”

Green turtle neck to rain


Sitting cozy in a green turtle neck and grey skinny jeans

It was a rainy Christmas this year in the south of Sweden, which was somewhat alright for me since the patter of the rain on the glass windows reminded me of a tropical Christmas. The temperatures outside are just about 1 deg. C very far from tropical temperatures. Indoors, an open fireplace keeps us all warm.
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A different fire to brighten up the winter darkness

The Tiffany Diamond, replica

My own ‘Tiffany Yellow’

Just a few moments ago I listened to Candy Pratts Price on Candycast, on the feeling of parties. She’s the Executive Fashion Director of STYLE.COM, the online home of Vogue and W magazines; a popular fashion analyst and trend spotter, who in her latest commentary of parties mentioned Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) with Audrey Hepburn as one of the ultimate party movies of all times.
Continue reading “A different fire to brighten up the winter darkness”

A Patrizia Pepe wool coat in Rose


  • An A-line cut wool coat in rose, by Patrizia Pepe.
  • Sea-shell earrings in gold lustre.
  • Grey cotton opaque tights, Lindex
  • Purple suede boots, Biscay, by DUO

Here’s an example of an Italian sized and cut wool coat from Patrizia Pepe – a find in Sweden for the petite framed woman (ref. DN). I think I would have preferred a solid red colour, something more primary toned, rather than a pink rose coloured version of this coat. But I had a difficult enough time to find myself any red toned coat in Sweden this season, so this will do nicely. The clean lines and the shorter cut of the coat is what I appreciate most in this coat.

Silk Stockings

After having enjoyed an evening watching the 1957 movie Silk Stockings with Cyd Charisse and Fred Astaire, doing a number of fantastic dance scenes amongst their “cold war” banters, I got inspired to go out and look for – silk stockings.

Nothing brings as much glamour to your party wear or daily outfits as a nice pair of stockings. In the above picture, I paired a vintage brocade skirt with a pair of festive looking stockings with gold glitter thread. Since the fun ones could be quite pricey, I will share a little secret with you if you happen to be around Gothenburg; that is the little lingerie shop called Rebecca Underwear at Södra Larmgatan 13, Göteborg.


Vintage black and gold brocade skirt
with Lycra black with gold thread stocking, by

Asta, the helpful and friendly lady at the store, took plenty of time helping me pick out some festive stockings, since Christmas and New Year’s are along the way. I also wanted to know what’s in store this season. There was no messing around with pricey items or stockings, she brought me straight to the REA (sale) box filled with sized XS / S stockings; sizes which she said hardly sell in Sweden.

I was absolutely delighted because I find it fairly difficult to find Asian sized and cut clothing here in Sweden. The only brands that fit my frame here are Italian made and cut items. Asta told that she imported mostly Italian brands, so it seemed I was destined to buy a few stockings at her place!

I came back home with several half priced buys, including the pair by Kunert above and this bordeaux net stockings by Le Bourget, Paris.


Bordeaux net stockings with gold glitter thread, by Le Bourget Paris.

I have thus far, been a mighty fan of Wolford, in fact, I have a similar looking pair to the Kunert’s black tights with gold glitter thread from Wolford:


Versailles black and gold glitter tights, by Wolford

On a regular basis, both Kunert and Wolford are in comparable price brackets, but since there was a sale ongoing, I clinched the Kunert pair for a third of what the Wolford is currently costing.

Construct and texture wise, the Wolford version has a much subtler gold sheen to it, is softer to the touch and is much more sheer to the eye. Whilst the pair from Kunert is less sheer, thicker to the touch and due to the lurex gold metallic threads, brushes against the skin when wearing, a feeling perhaps some may not find too comfortable.

Still, a major minus on Wolford here is how the soft luxurious pair really doesn’t take much before snagging and pulling (some snags can already be seen in the picture above). It is so gossamer delicate that almost anything will cause the material to pull; and you’re sadly out of a pair of festive stockings even before you step out through the door. Kunert’s version is much more durable in that I hardly found any snagging after wearing twice; so Kunert’s are definitely more price worthy!

That a Wolford pair of stockings snags / tears on me before I even get a chance to wear them out the door is not a one off experience for me. Considering the hefty price I would personally stick to their string bodies and skip their stockings.

So if you’re out for parties this upcoming season, why not go for a gold / silver threaded stocking to your liking at your local shops? And if you’re in Gothenburg, try dropping by Asta at Larmgatan 13, for a few pairs of patterned stockings in your liking for that little bit of festive glam! And it doesn’t need to be top price for top quality, as I have experienced.

Today’s outfit: DVF festive



  • Sequinned top by Diane von Furstenberg (DVF)
  • Black patent leather belt by Ann Taylor
  • True Religion jeans
  • Black silk satin stilettos by Aldo

Sweden is known as “The Land of the Midnight Sun” for that during summer in the north of Sweden, there may hardly be any night. In the past summers, I’ve had the opportunity to sit and witness the sun barely touch the horizon and then go up again. While that is a most amazing thing to watch and romantically sigh over, the downside is winter where in the north of Sweden, there can hardly be any day at all. Sun rises at about 8 am and goes down by 2:30 pm.

But with the dark, comes a sense of festivity as well, that Christmas is around the corner. The stores start to put out their Christmas decorations, the theme parks light up with Christmas cheer and a thousand watts of lights blaze merrily each night for children and adults alike to gaze in amazement at its beauty.

The top I have on today is rather, festive. A pre-festive festive feeling perhaps? Well, whatever electric that’s in the air right now, I’ve caught onto it!

Today’s outfit: black skirt dress


  • Black tiered prairie cotton skirt, used here as a dress.
  • Pink and burgundy wool scarf from Ladynette
  • Black leather wooden stacked heel shoes, Chloé

This black skirt as a dress was a surprise to myself because I didn’t think it would work. It’s zippered up the side without any garter on the top for grip. But it worked out quite fine after zipping up and gave a wonderfully swishy dress that fell to the knees! The volume of the skirt / dress felt quite luxurious and fun to be in!

Some new spoils and a spree about town


A black wool cloche hat with bow from Åhléns, 99 kr, currently in stores

It was in between errands that we had some time to spend window shopping in town the other day. One of my favourite things to do is to pop into the shops to have a look at what’s new and what’s in store. We did just that and popped into Åhléns (a major Swedish store chain that is comparable to Isetan in Singapore). Continue reading “Some new spoils and a spree about town”

Saturday inspiration: the story of Biba


Photo: Marcio Madeira

Wherever the girls went there was silence. Elly was completely blue: blue make-up, blue clothes, blue cap and blue curls. Eva was all green, Del all violet. Some girls were all in black… in their full regalia looking as if they had just left a Fellini set.’
– Barbara Hulanicki, describing the impact of the Biba look in ‘From A to Biba’.

Think Biba and the associations from the ’60s were mini-skirts, mini cars, the King’s Road, Big Biba (once deemed as ‘the most beautiful store in the world’ by the Sunday Times, UK) and various other London happenings that defined that decade as one that rocked. Continue reading “Saturday inspiration: the story of Biba”

Today’s outfit: Alexander McQueen pleated skirt


  • Black stringbody, Wolford
  • Black patent leather belt, Ann Taylor
  • Purple pleated skirt, Alexander McQueen
  • Purple Biscay suede boots, DUO

It was only in Sweden that I’ve come to know and appreciate Wolford products. I’ve previously written about it here.

And here, you can find clearer pictures of the Biscay boots from DUO. The colour is simply delicious and as it turns out, these seem to be one of my most versatile knee high boots yet!

Today’s outfit: blue smock skirt


  • White turtle neck sweater, Vero Moda
  • Patent leather belt, L.K. Bennett
  • Blue and brown smock skirt
  • Gold crinkle patent ballet flats, Coach

You’ll be seeing more of this blue and brown smocked skirt in variations of use. It’s a simple cotton skirt that I bought in Hong Kong about two years ago, at a store just round the corner where our hotel was located. You can’t see it from the picture above but the top of the skirt is gathered or smocked, for a versatile fit of waist or chest. Because it falls to the ankles when worn as a skirt, it goes very nicely as a knee-length strapless summer dress, with or without a belt, depending on the style you wish.

I’ll bring you the variations of this skirt in the following weeks to come. I’ve also hand sewn a sprinkling of black sequins onto some of the black ‘florals’ around this skirt, so that it catches the sunlight when I use it during the summer.

What attracted me to this skirt was the mix of colours, the smocked top and the border of florals at the hem. The prints reminded me of modern batik paintings (or free hand) and the border of florals hinted towards prints of the 70s era, bold and stylized.

The textures, prints and versatility of this skirt made what I thought was an interesting piece of clothing.



  • Crochet rust coloured scarf as headwrap, by Rita Cordeiro
  • Crochet rust coloured sleeveless T-back top, by Rita Cordeiro
  • White cotton linen pants, MNG
  • Nude satin shoes with gold baubles, Chloé
  • Damier canvas, Utzés, Louis Vuitton

Today’s outfit: Halloween do?


Photo: Marcio Madeira

From John Galliano, Fall 2006. The perfect Halloween do?

I don’t have a Halloween outfit to show for, but I thought the Galliano creation featured here brings home the essence of dark, in my view.

From Sarah Mower, who reviewed his show:
PARIS, March 4, 2006

To get to John Galliano’s fall show, guests had to drag themselves to a bleak industrial studio on the outskirts of Paris on a freezing and traffic-clogged Saturday night.

How the elements cooperate, perfect weather for the collection!

I’m still a Galliano fan.

Easter inspirations, Gunilla Stolpe


  • Yellow felt wool coat, Gare de Robe, style by Gunilla Stolpe
  • Wool scarf, Swedish label
  • Black skinny jeans, Baxter
  • Gold peep toe heels, Ellie
  • Epi leather Gobelins backpack, Louis Vuitton

I actually met with Gunilla Stolpe when I was at her shop browsing. I really had no intention on purchasing a short coat, but I spoke to her some about her inspirations, her designs and she explained to me in great detail, how she made this yellow coat – which is what sold me the coat and of course, her pleasant personality.

I call it an Easter-coat, because of the yellow and this particular yellow is strongly associated with Easter in Sweden (perhaps other countries too where they celebrate Easter). There was one in a dark brown but I figured I haven’t got anything yellow in my wardrobe. Or very few yellow coloured items in my wardrobe, so why not brighten it up with this?

Apart from its colour which cheers me up just by looking at it, it’s warm without adding too much bulk on the frame. There is actually a matching ribbon belt to it which is not featured in the picture above.

Saturday inspiration: gold python flats


Jean-Michel Cazabat Python Ballet Skimmer

I absolutely love Python. The Jean-Michel Cazabat skimmers are on my wish list. There was a similar pair I found in London from L.K. Bennett but they didn’t have the pair in my size. Unfortunate.

Well, at least I now have something to look forward to and to look out for when out about town, browsing. Perfect!

Here’s a look back at the week for me, in terms of outfits.