Month: April 2008

April 2008 in the garden, in denim and lace

In April spring of 2008, in the garden, in a Brazilian made denim and lace bikini.
Text © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro-Nilsson 2008

April weather along the Swedish west coast is not always warm. This particular year however, the temperatures were just about alright for a brief visit with the sun in the garden.
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Spring sunning in Karen Millen and Brazilian beachwear

2008aprilIEOS 207a

Warm cat in a green and teal sequined tunic from Karen Millen and under the tunic, a beaded orange bikini from OK Brazil.

The days are getting longer in the nordic region and at 10 deg C outdoors in the shade and slightly warmer under the sun, the season seems to promise some very good bikini and beach days up ahead. I got a ‘preview’ of the summer ahead today, the sun on my nose made me feel like a cat, warming and basking.
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Cufflinks – a perfectly smart finish

Cufflinks in gold and white gold, set with mother of pearl and 2 brilliant cut diamonds, c. 0.10 cts. Stamped GD & Co (G Dahlgren & Co.), Malmö 1940, Sweden. These are to be auctioned this coming weekend, at W.A. Bolin.

In a crowded room to any formal event, one could well sweep over the hall and indulge in the general sight of people well dressed. But as the evening draws on and conversations are engaged, it is most often that one cannot help but notice details in a person’s dress. Women for example, might notice details in men’s dressing such as the colour of his tie as in contrast to his shirt, the cut of his jacket or the pockets on his coat, his tie pin if he’s wearing one and then most interestingly, his cufflinks. Every bit of clothing on a person contains information about personality, and a pair of cufflinks might just well tell if he has a sense of humour. Continue reading “Cufflinks – a perfectly smart finish”

W.A. Bolin international spring auction 2008

A diamond and pearl brooch in the form of a peacock, late 1800s. Picture: W.A. Bolin

Love jewellery? W.A. Bolin, Stockholm, Sweden, is having their international Spring auction on 20 April 2008. Established in 1791 in St Petersburg, W. A. Bolin has its history in Russia, where Bolin was then appointed jeweller to four Russian tsars and three Swedish kings, situated at Sturegatan in central Stockholm.

In the picture above, a 14 ct gold and silver peacock brooch, set with pearls, rubies, emeralds and old cut diamonds. It measures 4 x 6 cm and is from the late 1800s.

The Bolin auction catalogue is online and can be subscribed to via standard mail. Viewing in Stockholm begins today.

A cheese and wine dining

Cheese and wine brunch setting

A selection of wine and cheese with bread

I think Asians generally have a different socialization towards diary products than Europeans – we just don’t consume diary products all that much. My idea of cheese when growing up in Singapore was hard Cheddar or pre-packed sliced cheese, the kind you toast on bread and little cubed cheese in various flavours, which I liked very much.

I also think my encounters with milk and cheese would be more numerous than my classmates’ experiences since most of their lunches as I recall consisted of spam and bread, hard boiled eggs and baked beans and Bovril sandwiches as the most mainstream. Continue reading “A cheese and wine dining”

My secret garden

A picture of Spring in Sweden. Photo: Kevin D. Cordeiro

This picture, taken by Kevin D. Cordeiro, reminds me of the phrase, my secret garden, the loosely tied rope around the tiny gates that promises green pastures beyond.

My secret garden as a phrase that has about 1.5 million hits on google if you search for it. The most popular is a metaphorical use of the phrase in a book by Nancy Friday. Her books are recommended reads. And a favourite of mine is My Secret Garden, a restaurant by that name just beside Plaza by the Park in Singapore. Continue reading “My secret garden”

Laptop bags with feminine chic or a whole new laptop?

The J’tote Afric laptop bag. Fits most 14″ Laptops. Weighs 2 lbs 15 oz and measures 10″H x 14.5″L x 5″W.

I’ve been in search for a laptop bag for about two years now, to not much avail. Admittedly, I shy away from the average laptop bag designs, which feels more catered to the urban warrior than runway chic (see Productdose below for a good review of urban warrior type laptop bags). There were none too many feminine versions of laptop bags to be found, but the ones found were quite luxe pretty. An alternative approach would be to go for an entirely new laptop, one of those I call latté tops, since they fit so nicely on the café table.

Avoiding the square shouldered and adrenaline pumped look of most laptop bags on the market, J’tote offers what I think are some very feminine and chic looking laptop bags for standard sized laptops. In sumptuous purple suede and bold floral print, their Afric laptop bag for example combines good design, function and style with multiple compartments for your laptop, laptop accessories, A4 sized documents, cell phone and D-rings for keys and wallets. Even the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet have noticed the problem and in their March 29 issue come up with a number of suggestions. Continue reading “Laptop bags with feminine chic or a whole new laptop?”

Miss Landmine in Angola: demonstrating the heart and soul of beauty pageants

Miss Cuando Cubango, Generosa Cassinda, 30 years old with two children, a contestant in this year’s Miss Landmine Survivor, Angola.

A world event of sorts is today held in the capital of the war torn country of Angola. The initiative to hold a beauty pageant for land mine victims in Angola, was taken by Norwegian artist Morten Traavik who whilst visiting Angola noticed two things – the abundance of one legged and crippled people about and the population’s great interest in beauty pageants. Continue reading “Miss Landmine in Angola: demonstrating the heart and soul of beauty pageants”

Fat common sense

In today’s Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet Dr. Annika Dahlqvist, who has her own blog on eating healthy argues in an open letter that children are stumped in their growth and intelligence development by a lack of natural fats in their diet. The Swedish public food authority Livsmedelsverket, retaliates on her standpoint, saying that Dahlqvist has no scientific grounds making such claims. Dahlqvist naturally retaliates right back and will do so on national live television later today.

The general standpoint that natural fats are good for the body and in fact help maintain weight, is a continuation of a more and more pronounced public opinion in Sweden, that questions the goodness of low fat products and a low fat diet.
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Clean lines that seduce, with Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller wedding dress in Princess silhouette

Nicole Miller wedding dress in Princess silhouette from her Bridal Collection

Time must be passing fast for all summer brides-to-be with the onset of spring. One of my American favourite designers for dresses in general is Nicole Miller, who has a fairly comprehensive collection that encompasses a gamut of occasions, including Nicole Miller Signature (red carpet looks), Nicole Miller Collection RTW, Nicole Miller Studio (everyday sportswear), a Bridal Collection and popular bridesmaids line. Nicole Miller also does bags, shoes and accessories to match that perfect dress. Continue reading “Clean lines that seduce, with Nicole Miller”