In from the rain

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro in Donna Karen

Making it in through the front door just barely, from the sudden downpour.
Photos JE Nilsson and CM Cordeiro Nilsson © 2011

Tropical storms, the kind with flashes of lightning and deep rolls of thunder is common in the equatorial region from where I come from, but not all that common in Scandinavia, in particular along the Swedish west coast.

But today was one such day here in Sweden, with dramatic dark clouds, the low rumble of thunder that comforts and discomforts at the same time, and warm fat drops of rain that drench through clothes, thoroughly wetting the skin.

I managed barely to escape the rain stepping in through the door just when the first large drops of water fell.

August pear in garden.

The pears seemed to love the rain, almost harvest ready.

The pears in the garden seemed to welcome the downpour though, looking happy and heavy on their branches, with the promise of a pot of poached pears in the upcoming weeks!

Print and cabochon stone rings.

Donna Karen silk print dress and cabochon cut stones set in white, yellow and rose gold.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, early autumn 2011.

One of those days mostly spent indoors.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro 127 DKNY490

Outdoors, a thunderstorm. The kind with flashes of lightning and deep rolls of thunder and dramatic dark clouds. The kind that comforts and discomforts at the same time.

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