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I’ve been nominated by Erica Johansson who writes at Travel Blissful, to do a Tripbase blog tag for 3 travel secrets of mine – Thank You, Erica!

There are innumerble places of interest to visit when travelling, so in that sense, I would rather that each traveller unravels their own secret places of wonder, be it a state of art museum in a metropolitan state or enjoying a quiet dinner in the backstreets of Florence.

My travel recommendations in this post has to do with the practicalities of travelling in itself…

Secret 1

Norwegian Forest Cat, drinking from tap, Sweden

Drink plenty of water!
Photo for CMC © Jan-Erik Nilsson, Cheryl M. Cordeiro-Nilsson 2009

Long haul flights are not always the most comfortable if you’re not flying Business or First Class. What I’ve found most useful is to have my own bottled water with me, so that I have instant access to water, without having to call for it. I even tend to drink more than necessary when on long flights because of the dehydrating cabin air.

Secret 2

Norwegian Forest Cat, food, Sweden

Try the local fare!

A whole lot about travelling for me is to experience the local culture, its people and most of all, their food. What we eat and how we cook our foods are intricately tied to the lands we live on and the environment in which we live, so trying out the local fare is often at the top of my list of things to do, when visiting a new place. Bringing home a recipe or two from after the visit, is such a prize! And it’s definitely one way of making everyday cooking more interesting for us here in Sweden. Apart from giving our own cooking an international flavour, we can continue to enjoy our travel experiences, even after landing at home.

Secret 3

Norwegian Forest Cat, sleep, Sweden

Get plenty of sleep!

While travelling is of course exciting and most would want to cover as many places of interest in their time of visit, I’ve always found it useful to get enough sleep, whether in flight or at the destination. I think I get so much more out of the visit if I wake up fully rested and raring to go, rather than completely jet lagged with my system out of sync, dampening the senses and what information they can give when experiencing something new.

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11 Responses to “3 travel secrets…”

  1. Thanks. Finally I get to write about current travels :-)

    Posted by Anders
  2. St. Bernards are for you then.

    Sour kana works some for me, but best I could do for myself is really, to lay still and let my body work itself out. Worst case of motion sickness was when I was about 12, at Wet ‘n Wild, went down the twisted tube twice a minute for an hour. Was cross-eyed for 2 days thereafter. Lucky it was the weekend!


    Posted by cheryl
  3. hey .. cute cat, but love dogs…big ones ! Just came back from Genting .. guess the height (1000m) and the roller coaster ride of the Tour Bus and the ‘itchy backside’ 4-D motion simulator ride I took, cumulated into a bad bad Nausea .. practically like a pregnant woman since i came back friday night ! Motion sickness tablets do not work on me, i took ‘sour kana’ all the way … guess that did not help either .. any other tips would be helpful …:-)

    Posted by imbert
  4. Hej Anders,

    I’m looking forward to your travels! :-)

    Trevlig helg,

    Posted by cheryl
  5. Thanks for the link. Charming cat also!

    Posted by Anders
  6. Is that your cat! What a cutie!!

    Yes, I totally agree about the water, and don’t forget the antibacterial hand wipes in India..they are endlessly useful ;-)

    Posted by Jamilla Camel
  7. Very helpful advice. These are things that many travelers often overlook, so they’re clearly worth repeating – especially getting enough sleep every night.

    And, I must say, your cat is adorable!

    Posted by Erica
  8. useful tips and cute pics!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by Katie, Tripbase
  9. Cutest can be! I enjoyed this idea with your cat casting the travel secrets of yours. And I adore cats, so that was just lovely to see as well. Thanx.

    Posted by Elin Almér
  10. It’s a cute little bugger. It just said a very long goodbye to us here, before going out gallivanting for the evening :-)

    Posted by cheryl
  11. LOVE Love love your cat! Thanks Cheryl for the tag, I’ll have to rustle through whats left of my grey matter and dust off some of my long hidden secrets.

    Posted by Cate

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