Portobello Road, London

Written by on November 23rd, 2009 // Filed under United Kingdom

Portobello Road, London, Kevin Dominic Cordeiro Photography

Portobello Road, London
Photo for CMC © Kevin D. Cordeiro 2009

It’s like visiting old friends, when walking down Portobello Road. The sights and sounds of the street market, the second hand shops and the antiques trade, visited by both Londoners and tourists alike, make you feel at home, right through the heart of Notting Hill.

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  1. Aaah, the crêpes are gorgeous to look at during the making, but quite a challenge to eat on the go! *LOL*

    Posted by cheryl
  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. During my time in London a few years ago, we lived only five minutes from Portobello Road. I never tasted the crêpes though. I want to do that during my next visit because they certainly sound like they’re worth a try!

    Posted by Erica

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