Wood craft, Haga julmarknad, Christmas market 2009 Sweden


But if the food and jewellery is not your thing for a Christmas gift, Haga does offer more gift ideas apart that include woodcraft, knitwear, books on art and cooking and what I think is most pleasant, feel-good items such as incense and natural oils to calm the senses.

Candle lamp, Haga julmarknad, Christmas market Sweden Gothenburg

Street lamp.

Incense, Haga Christmas market, Gothenburg Sweden 2009


Ecological soap in the form of nut shells, Haga julmarknad Göteborg, Sweden

Ecological soap in the form of nut shells.

Love oil, Haga Christmas market, julmarknad Göteborg 2009

Love oil, kärleksolja.

The concept of green living, sustainability and quality of life is a constant and recurring theme in Sweden, so it was no surprise that these ecologically friendly gifts made their way to the Christmas market. I for one, couldn’t help but smile at the colours of the incense sticks or the thought of having a bottle of love oil (sunflower, rose, dragon and olive oil) for keeps.

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