Louis Vuitton Suhali L’Impetueux in white

Louis Vuitton suhali handbag in white, L'Impetueux.

Louis Vuitton suhali L’Impetueux in white.
Photo © Jan-Erik Nilsson and Cheryl M. Cordeiro Nilsson for Cheryl Marie Cordeiro 2010

In 2003, Louis Vuitton launched their Suhali range of bags, made with natural grained goatskins. Louis Vuitton bags are generally extremely structured, designed to keep their shape no matter the content (something I appreciate), and it’s no different with this range of bags, despite the suppleness of the material.

Louis Vuitton suhali goat grained leather, L'Impetueux in white, golden brass lock.

Golden brass lock.

The style of each of the bags in the Suhali range is designed to reflect the Traveller Trunk history that is iconic of Louis Vuitton. Most bags in this range have silver or gold hardware with s-locks, reminiscent of the tough trunks and suitcases that Vuitton began with making just before 1900s.

Louis Vuitton suhali goat grained leather, L'Impetueux in white, back of bag.

Back of the bag.

This bag in ivoire (ivory or white) measures approximately 15.5 inches long, 5.5 tall, and about 4 inches deep. Because of its length, it can accommodate quite a few of your daily items including a foldable umbrella, a long wallet, your phone, a notebook etc.

Louis Vuitton suhali goat grained leather, L'Impetueux in white, golden brass studs at base.

4 golden brass studs secure the base of the bag.

The bag features golden brass details, an s-lock closure, two side zippered pockets and golden studs at the base for protection. On the inside is a matching monogramed fabrici lining and an inner slip pocket.

The Suhali range is generally lighter to carry than the Epi range or even some of the monogram canvas bags, which is something of a relief to me since some bags from the Vuitton Epi range can cut through the shoulders if you have heavy items in them.

Louis Vuitton suhali goat grained leather, L'Impetueux in white, side zipper.

Two side zips.

Apart from the L’Impetueux, my other favourite in the range is the softly rounded L’Affriolant in delicious plum!

What I love about the Suhali range apart from that it’s monogram free (you do get sick of the monograms after a while) is the suppleness of the natural grained leather. There’s a movement and fold to the leather of the bag when you carry it that’s almost poetic.

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