13th December: the festival of St. Lucia with Lussekatter

Our batch of Lussekatter or saffron bread this year, for Lucia I’ve asked some Swedish friends of mine, the significance of the festival of St. Lucia in Sweden. And few knew its actual significance, except that it arrived from Italy, back when Sweden was still Catholic (today it is more Lutheran), before 1700s. Traditionally, Lussekatter […]


Saffranstårta / Saffron cake with the garden’s still blossoming calendula, and sage.Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro 2017 Six weeks to Christmas, and the Christmas street lights are on display at Haga, lighting up in festive manner one of the oldest market and living quarters of the city of Gothenburg. Haga Nygata is […]

November cats

An evening with homebaked Lussekatter or saffron buns that are usually made in Sweden in celebration of St. Lucia’s Day that falls on 13 December.Text & Photo © JE Nilsson, CM Cordeiro, Sweden 2015 I love when Christmas comes a little early. In this case, I thought to settle and bake a batch of saffron […]

Second Sunday in Advent

Lussekatter, usually makes its appearance on St. Lucia which is 13 December.Text and Photo © JE Nilsson & CM Cordeiro 2011 There are definitely some things more than just tradition when it comes to cooking and preparing during the Advent weeks that lead to Christmas. It’s in the air, a solemn feeling of silent expectation. […]

Second Advent – Visiting Christmas Markets in Gothenburg, Sweden 2010

Standing in the cobbled streets of the Haga districtChristmas market in Gothenburg, Sweden. J E Nilsson and C M Cordeiro-Nilsson © 2010 During the whole of December many streets and squares in Gothenburg are turned into Christmas markets with numerous small food and handicrafts fairs, where the emphasis is on the old-fashioned, the homemade and […]

The Haga Christmas market

The crowd along the Haga Christmas market Christmas is always a rush of activities, the whole city of Gothenburg is abuzz with festive activities and warm friendly people. There are several Christmas markets going on through December, around the city of Gothenburg and these are pictures from the Haga Christmas market. Related Posts Tjolöholm Christmas […]