Louis Vuitton Review: Trianon Sac de Nuit with Suhali trim

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Louis Vuitton Trianon Sac de Nuit GM model in camel, with Suhali trim



The LV Trianon Sac de Nuit, a limited edition series, pays tribute to Vuitton’s early days of 1854 – 1892, when Vuitton began selling light weight flat-topped trunks covered with their signature grey Trianon canvas. Prior to Vuitton’s flat-topped trunks, most trunks for travelling had rounded tops so that water would run off, the disadvantage being that they could not be stacked. It was Vuitton’s Trianon canvas, airtight flat trunks that allowed stacking with ease, for voyages.

A sentimental and charming bag, the Trianon Sac de Nuit is a reinterpretation of the canvas used on LV’s first trunks. A bag in old fashioned ‘doctor’s bag’ design, this Trianon Sac de Nuit in GM model is trimmed with Suhali or goat grained leather. The rivets used on this series of bags also reminiscent the original rivets used on the trunks. Measuring a roomy 14.5″ x 9″ x 7″, this bag is not exactly one for formal occasions but it can do well for everyday office wear or occasions that call for smart casual / semi-formal dress codes.

The hardy nature of the Trianon waterproof canvas also makes this LV bag one that is of fairly low maintenance, compared to the earlier versions of the Vernis leather line for example. The bags from the Trianon canvas series are also relatively lightweight, and don’t pose too much of a shoulder / forearm strain when carrying, as compared to some Epi leather bags for example.

Apart from the canvas and the rivets, another charm for me when it comes to this bag is the attractive red and white pin striped cotton lining on the inside of the Trianon Sac de Nuit with the stamp LOUIS VUITTON INVENTEUR – 101 avenue des Champs-Elysees, PARIS, which makes for something more unique than Vuitton’s usual signature.


Toile Trianon Neverfull bag in camel

The Trianon Sac de Nuit and the Trianon canvas series a such, is a series for those wanting a nostalgic feel of Vuitton’s early craftsmanship. The Trianon canvas also includes the Neverfull series of bags, designed with sharper, more distinct lines. The breadth of designs of the Trianon canvas series makes for quite a modern, functional collection of LV city and travel bags, albeit in limited edition.

The Trianon Sac de Nuit in GM features

  • Toile Trianon cotton canvas and Suhali goat leather
  • Striped cotton and polyester lining inspired from the trunk beds
  • Varnished polished brass hardware
  • Unbuckles to change into a flat shape
  • “Louis Vuitton Inventeur” on the leather label outside the bag
  • “Sac de Nuit, Déposé en France et à l’étranger, Louis Vuitton Inventeur, 101, avenue des Champs Elysées, PARIS” can be read on the lining
  • L 14.5″ x H 9″ x W 7″

The Sac de Nuit as seen on Louis Vuitton’s runway show, Spring 2004 RTW


Photo: Marcio Madeira

And the Sac de Nuit with ostrich leather trim.


Photo: Don Ashby

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  1. Yep, I can absolutely agree that this bag is more discrete than other monogram canvases! :-)

    Posted by Cheryl
  2. Wow, compared to most other LV bags which to my taste usually have too many logos in silly colours, this is fabulous! Want one!

    Posted by hypoglycemiagirl
  3. Cheryl, this is a must have. I am a fan of the ”doc’s bag” as what you call it.

    Posted by Sofiah

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